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Many books have been written about the high-performance habits successful entrepreneurs adopt, from their daily meditation and fitness routines to how they lead their teams. For Marina Nicholas, her fascination was more about their entrepreneurial journey.

  • From Zero: When starting a business, what strategies did they adopt to overcome the odds?
  • To Hero: As a highly successful entrepreneur, how did they use their wealth to help humanity and the planet?

After years of extensive research, Marina discovered that just eight strategies were adopted by billionaire entrepreneurs.



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My vision is to empower mission-led people with superpower success strategies to make a difference in the world. Work with Impact Entrepreneurs passionate about doing business for good.  If you are an Impact Entrepreneur keen to meet like minded people join the Facebook Community, it’s free!

Discover the 8 P Method

After years of research studying the strategies of successful entrepreneurs, the 8P Method was created to bring the insights in a simple, adoptable approach for anyone seeking to maximize their business success. Whether you are a student, existing entrepreneur, or an experienced professional, the 8P Method aims to inspire you to try one, a combination, or all eight superpower strategies simultaneously and see the results.

The framework consists of five pillars, eight strategies, and twenty approaches to facilitate strategic clarity, implementation, and execution. Each component has a proven outcome with demonstrable case studies to highlight its effectiveness.

The 8P Method includes dozens of exercises and real life case studies like these….

  • A white trouser problem led to a billion-dollar empire – Sara Blakely, Spanx
  • Not being able to pay the rent led to a $10 billion dollar company – Brian Chesky and Chad Hurley, Airbnb
  • The invention of a passionate surfer leads to sales of 35 million cameras – NIck Woodman, GoPro 
  • A monk builds a tribe of 35 million followers in 4 years – Jay Shetty



Wow. What an uplifting and action-orientated must-read for Entrepreneurs for our times. If you want to lead now and build for the future, then read this easy to digest and learn from work by Marina Nicholas. An uplifting and inspirational book on how to be a successful Entrepreneur and Leader and build a great business to grow and sustain society” 

Professor Phil Harris
Executive Director, University of Chester Business Research Institute


“A must read book for entrepreneurs looking to understand and unlock the “superpowers” of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent history. Refreshingly, Marina recognizes the power of being socially aware within these strategies which are unpacked through a range of inspirational case studies, practical tips and invaluable self-reflection points.”

Sarah Trouten
CEO, Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs


“The essence of the iconic journey of global entrepreneurs is captured in eight success mantras by Marina in her inspiring book. The work is so current and relevant, leaving atrial for those inclined towards entrepreneurship to realise their self-worth and later for the philanthropic reach out to society. Local and global perspectives shared through case citings are lucid and truly remarkable.” 

Professor Biju Toms
Director, Professional Studies, Christ University, Bangalore 

“Using an easy going and accessible style, Marina draws on her vast experience in leading and advising businesses to identify, what she calls, the eight most significant success strategies for entrepreneurs. A very relevant and timely publication that draws easy to understand narratives from the profiles of some of the World’s most high profile entrepreneurs to shed light, both on the distinct opportunities that surround each of us and on the entrepreneurial process. This book contains invaluable case-material, shaped into a simple and novel structure, that stimulates entrepreneurial thinking and gives insight into the paths to entrepreneurial success.”

David W. Taylor
Principal Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Manchester Metropolitan University
and Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

“A timely publication for a post COVID19 world and for the new greener and socially orientated entrepreneurs seeking to make an impact”.

Dr Dane Anderton
Director of Programmes in Executive Education and Senior Lecture in Strategy and Innovation, Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester University


A multi-award winning entrepreneur, business advisor, author and speaker. She has created programs that not only help entrepreneurs discover and accelerate their superpowers to grow their business but ways to amplify their impact on humanity and the planet.

Marina has inspired people globally 

through her teachings at events, online and one to one.  At the age of 25, Marina started her business consulting career helping companies set up new business units. For the next ten years Marina worked with large companies helping them grow their business. Following a near death experience and grateful for a second chance at life, Marina’s focus shifted to working with entrepreneurs passionate about impacting humanity and the planet.

A curious mind asks a curious question.

How did they do it?

Her quest to impact millions of people led to 5 years of research. As a humble student seeking to learn from the world’s top philanthropic billionaires, Marina saw a pattern emerge.  They all adopted success strategies to overcome the odds, build a business from zero to hero and channel their wealth into game-changing philanthropic projects.  From the first billionaire female entrepreneur, Sara Blakely, to one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet, they all utilised these 8 strategies. 

Marina’s approach is to simplify the complex 

into easy steps so anyone can make an impact. Marina assimilated the research into the 8P’s Method which has now been embraced by entrepreneurs globally. With a successful model, Marina was asked to share the knowledge more widely through books and courses. 

In recognition of her work, Marina has received seven awards including ‘International Business Woman of the Year‘, ‘Start Ups Women in Business‘, ‘Business Start Up Award’‘ and ‘Best New Product‘ from 80 global entrants.

Which superpower strategy can help you achieve long term success?

Whether you enjoy inspirational stories or seek to discover your superpower, the strategies and exercises in this book will help you achieve it. Each of the eight strategies is illustrated by real case studies, from long serving professionals like Sam Walton and Richard Branson to recent millennial billionaires.


What was the one superpower strategy that helped them go from zero to hero?

  • 5,127 prototypes over 5 years results in billion-dollar empire – James Dyson
  • A 7-year journey of poverty, depression and rejection led to a $500 million franchise – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter
  • Proximity technology led to 8 billion love matches – 
  • The billionaire making places of the world
  • Location scouting by airplane led to $514 billion revenue and the world’s largest company – Sam Walton, Walmart
  • A university dropout revolutionises the personal computing industry – Bill Gates, Microsoft
  • An investment book unlocked a passion resulting in the world’s richest man – Warren Buffet
  • A happy tribe built a $1.2 billion company – Nick Swinmurn and Tony Hsieh, Zappos
  • A monk builds a tribe of 35 million followers within 4 years – Jay Shetty
  • The only entrepreneur to build 12 billion dollar companies in 8 sectors – Richard Branson, Virgin
  • Racing Driver to Billionaire Ringmaster – Bernie Ecclestone, Formula One
  • The computer programmer who solved America’s medical data challenge – Judith Faulkner, Epic Systems
  • How a $0.99c irresistible offer changed the entire music industry – Steve Jobs, Apple ITunes
  • Cruelty free products changed the face of retail – Anita Roddick, Body Shop
  • A university research project led to the world’s largest trust-based bank for the poor – Muhammed Yanus, Grameen Bank
  • A village visit resulted in 100 million pairs of shoes gifted – Blake Mycoskie, Toms Shoes

Book coming soon! We will let you know when it’s published.


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